news on my phone

Firefox Focus

I tried Firefox Focus a few years before the pandemic when I was testing Android browsers for digital signage. Focus didn’t meet my needs at the time and I moved on. (I ended up using Fully Kiosk Browser. Eventually left Android for Screenly OSE)

Fast forward to now. Most of my screen time is on my phone during my commute and break. The news sites I like to visit are almost unreadable on my phone, due to excessive ads. Google Chrome doesn’t accommodate extensions. A search on ad blocking Android brought me to Focus. I find Focus fast, efficient at blocking ads, and fun to use.

Also available for iOS.

a screen grab of Firefox Focus

articles on neurology/psychology that I like

a gallery of bathroom floor treatments

Would you send me a picture of yours? Please include a caption.

Your bathroom floor is likely the surface in you life that you spend the most time looking at, with the exception, of course, of screens. Don’t miss this opportunity to look more deeply.

Bathroom floor is not clean? No problem! Don’t worry, everyone has cat litter crumbs on their bathroom floor. Even people who don’t have cats.

Luddite? No digital camera or phone? No problem! Send me a sketch or rubbing.

Nexus 5X SAR

The SAR for Nexus 5X is very hard to find on the web.

Go to In the boxes at the bottom of the page, — Select Category — Mobile Phone, then search on LG-H790.

Results I get are:

-Europe & Middle East & Africa & Asia & Oceania

The highest SAR value for use at the ear is 0.607 W/kg (10 g) and when worn on the body is 0.397 W/kg (10 g) at 15mm

-USA & Canada

The highest SAR value for use at the ear is 1.25 W/kg (1 g) and when worn on the body is 1.28 W/kg (1 g) at 10mm

The FCC Grantee Code is ZNF, Product Code H790. Search here for much too much to sift through: