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Joan’s smoothie recipe

Smoothie Recipe
2-3 generous servings
[usually for breakfast in our house]
    a handful of rolled oats
    par cooked in a cup of water
    1 large banana pealed and cut into rounds
    2 generous T almond butter
    (could use peanut butter)
    3T palain yogurt
Variable assorted fruit
    1/2 apple, pear, seeded + diced
    plus 1/2 orange peeled + seeded
    some pear, mango, peach as available
    a handful of blueberries and or some others
    a cup of grapefruit juice
    1t vanilla optional

    Blend together until smoothe

MINDBODY Default Schedule Lengths

Manager Tools -> Settings -> Class & Enrollment Options -> Booking & Sign-in Policies.

Default Schedule Lengths, Enrollments.

MINDBODY’s idea of one day is the date you specify and the next day. Likely, you want 0, which will give you just one day.

No clarification in their fine docs.