Remembering Charles Jaffe

On Saturday, August 18, 2012, Charles Jaffe died, I believe of pneumonia.

A friend said: I went to Charles’ building again today and was told that he was buried on Sunday [Aug. 19] on Long Island. That’s probably why no one was able to find any information. Apparently, he went “peacefully and without pain”.

I think he was 87 years old and that he is survived by a son.

Charles lived at 380 Riverside Drive in New York City and ran a company called Jaffe Euclid Association.

For as long as I can remember, at least 22 years, Charles was involved in the Integral Yoga Upper West Side Center. He taught Yoga there, most recently at Fridays at noon, until a few weeks before his death.

Charles was expert in nutritional healing as taught by Henry G. Bieler, MD in Food is Your Best Medicine

Below are some reflections from other Integral Yoga teachers. Any comments or additional information will be appreciated.

I’ve been smiling thinking about all the conversations I’ve had with him over the years. All his lectures on how I need to lose weight. It all came from his loving heart and from his own experience of transformation to good health in earlier years. He had a great passion for his life and generously wanted to share his secrets of longevity with see everyone around him, whether they wanted to hear it or not. :)

I remember he came to my class and gave me a supercharged antioxidant organic dark chocolate bar and said “If you must eat chocolate, then eat this.”

Dear Charles. May he rest in peace.

Yes, I also loved Charles passion about all matters of heath. He was a beautiful and lively spirit.

My husband got to know him as they both attended Carole’s Gentle Yoga class for years and we were recipients of healthy diet books from him. He and my husband teasingly sparred for years over the pronunciation of the last syllable in the closing sloka’s (yah or yeh). He will be missed. If anyone has info on where to send condolence notes to his family, please let us know.

How to Make a PDF Fill-in Form Saveable

These notes apply to Acrobat X Pro. I don’t know about other versions or how to do this with free software. Adobe software is out of my price range too. I used my employer’s copy.

Good instructions for creating the fill-in are here.

Adobe provides instructions for making the fill-in saveable here, but it’s not clear the in their step 3 you want to pick File->Save As->Reader Extended PDF->Enable Additional Features…, not Enable Adding Text In Documents. That’s all it takes.

Sample saveable fill-in form.

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2

Player 4.2 - what's in the boxMy mp3 player was slowly dying, the click wheel only worked sometimes and I was looking to replace it with another non-Apple product. August, 2012 PC World carried a review of the Samsung Galaxy Players, 3.6 and 4.2. An Android based mp3 player sounded like a good idea to me, so I bought a 4.2. The 4.2 is by far the best in terms of convenience and ease of use of the three mp3 players I have owned, but there are pluses and minuses. I paid more than twice what I paid for the better of my previous players for the 4.2.

What’s good about it?

  • Works with Linux and syncs with Rhythmbox. The 4.2 looks like a drive to my laptop.
  • I like to listen to music by album and the songs play in album order flawlessly.
  • The sound is good.
  • Connects to my Jambox over Bluetooth.
  • The Player is an Android phone without the cellular radio. Features include WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS radios. Anywhere that you can get WiFi you can surf the web, install any Android app you want to, etc..
  • The charger is a two part charger. One part is a small wall wart with a USB socket and the other part is a standard USB to micro USB cable. You get both the sync cable and the charger in a very lightweight item.

What’s bad about it?

  • You don’t get anything like the advertised 8GB of space. Only 5.0 GB was available. I had to buy a micro SD card to hold all the music my former 8G player held.
  • trs and trrs plugsThe headphone jack. I use my player most often plugged into some kind of speaker, not with headphones. The jack on the 4.2 is a TRRS style like phones have, not a TRS style like my other players had. I had to buy a $10 adapter. Griffin 10034 and Gigaware (Radioshack) 12-635 both work.
  • The 4.2 is really really a phone without the cellular radio. When you first turn it on, the screen says something like: Just a few moments while we set up your phone. If you don’t want most of a phone, you won’t be happy. I imagine you can talk on it with WiFi and Google Talk. I haven’t tried.
  • Insomnia. Like a phone, the 4.2 never sleeps. There seem to be three modes, on, on with the screen off and shutdown. The battery lasts only two or three days with no use unless you shut it down cold. I haven’t looked deeply into this, I just make sure to charge the phone player when I think I’ll need it. Update: if the WiFi and GPS radios are shut off when not in use, the battery life is really reasonable, a week or more.
  • Another not so nice power management issue is that to get those Google goodies, you have to link the device to a Google account. Then you’ll want to password the device. You get an I am sure familiar to Android phone users choice of pattern, PIN or password. Once you have set one of these, every time an adjustment needs to be made to the player other than volume, after the screen goes dark, default one minute, you have to enter the pattern, PIN or password. The temptation is to turn the password off.