winter ’21 pictures

I am going on the former(?) program cycle of my former employer:
spring Mar – May
summer Jun – Aug
fall Sep – Nov
winter Dec – Feb

Photos added from Messages app, Mar 11, 2022: sannta con, broken lock, yard, q, double loop. They round out the story. Dec 11, I was coming down with COVID and didn’t know it yet.

a gallery of bathroom floor treatments

Would you send me a picture of yours? Please include a caption.

Your bathroom floor is likely the surface in you life that you spend the most time looking at, with the exception, of course, of screens. Don’t miss this opportunity to look more deeply.

Bathroom floor is not clean? No problem! Don’t worry, everyone has cat litter crumbs on their bathroom floor. Even people who don’t have cats.

Luddite? No digital camera or phone? No problem! Send me a sketch or rubbing.

fall ’21 pictures