a test enrollment

Dome of the Indiana State Capitol by Daniel Schwen - detail
Dome of the Indiana State Capitol by Daniel Schwen – detail

a test enrollment
take a look and say goodbye
there is no image

I was tweaking my employer’s website so that if a workshop did not have a picture, the site would provide one. To test this, I made a workshop listing without a picture. The haiku was the copy for that enrollment. The picture is the default image, cropped from a photograph by Daniel Schwen.


For mental health, I have been working on final tweaks to my monitoring scripts.

I moved them to a Raspberry Pi, so I could work on the phone system without disrupting monitoring.

The temperature monitoring script writes to a log every minute and I was concerned about stressing the storage, a micro SD card.

The long term permanence of this log is not important, as it is erased every day after the report is generated.

After some poking around, the easiest solution I found was to place the log file in /dev/shm.

Problem is that fine systemd clears /dev/shm, when a regular user logs out.

Solultion? edit /etc/systemd/logind.conf.


from: https://superuser.com/questions/1117764/why-are-the-contents-of-dev-shm-is-being-removed-automatically

More to follow…